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Safely, Effectively Eliminates Odor!

An environmentally
friendly product

AutoNeutral™ effectively eliminates the strongest odors including odors from smoke, pet odors, bodily fluids, spoiled food, and many others.

While most air fresheners or perfumes mask odor only for it to return, this breakthrough liquid spray gets to the source of the odor by eliminating noxious chemicals and gases that create it.  With advanced technology, AutoNeutral™ loosely binds to molecules which isolates them from their environment and accelerates the natural breakdown process.  After eliminating odor, AutoNeutral replaces it with a fresh natural smell.

Not only is AutoNeutral™ an effective odor eliminator, it also has important environmental and safety advantages.  AutoNeutral has a water base and contains only non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the environment.  Further, AutoNeutral has important safety advantages for people.  AutoNeutral is non-flammable and is non-irritating to the skin.  With effectiveness and safety, AutoNeutral produces unmatched results.

In only 15 to 20 minutes, you can eliminate all unwanted odors in your automobile.  Using a trigger spray bottle, spray AutoNeutral™ on all porous surfaces of the interior, including the carpet, floor mats, cloth seats, cloth side liners, and the headliner. Upon application, AutoNeutral™ will begin to work instantly at eliminating the chemicals causing malodors.  After the first application, wait five minutes.  Next, vacuum all treated porous surfaces.  Last, reapply AutoNeutral™ and let stand until dry.  That’s all it takes to eliminate odor.*

AutoNeutral™ is a winning proposition for your auto business

Add value to your business by using this advanced odor eliminator.

Auto auction companies

•  Increase the price that your cars sell for at auction and in turn increase the number of cars that come to your auction company.

Rental car companies

•  Keep your cars in the fleet.  Removing a car from the fleet for detailing is costly, having both detailing costs and costs from failing to run the car.  AutoNeutral enables you to quickly eliminate odor from vehicles without ever having to take them off the road.  Further, the cost of purchasing AutoNeutral is less than the cost of outsourcing your detailing needs.

•  Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing your customers with fresh smelling cars.  While many rental companies compete on price and timely service, you can also compete on smell.  Providing cleaner smelling cars could allow you to get a step ahead of the competition.


•  Turn your stale cars into sale cars.  When a potential customer opens the door to a preowned automobile and it has unpleasant odor, they usually decide not to purchase it.  Therefore, cars with odor become stale and stay on the lot.  However, use AutoNeutral to turn these smelly stale cars into fresh smelling sale cars.

•  Increase the value of your cars.

•  Additionally, use AutoNeutral™ on carpets, upholstery and headliners that you would have paid to have replaced, reducing the expensive costs of reconditioning.

*Caution:  Keep out of reach of children. Eye contact causes irritation. In case of eye contact, flush gently with water for 15-20 minues. Contact a physician for treatment advice. Prolonged skin exposure may cause irritation. Do not reuse the AutoNeutral bottle for dispensing beverages or any other liquids. Spilling AutoNeutral™ causes surfaces to become slippery.  If spilled, absorb AutoNeutral™ until surface is dry.

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