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An environmentally
friendly product

Clean your car with AutoNeutral™ in 4 quick steps!

Always test AutoNeutral™ on an inconspicuous area to
determine colorfastness and surface integrity.

1.  Spray AutoNeutral™ on all porous surfaces of the interior, including the carpet, floor mats, headliner, cloth side liners and cloth seats.  Next, wipe the dashboard clean with water and regular detergent.

2.  Wait 3-5 Minutes

3.  Vacuum all treated porous surfaces.

4.  Reapply AutoNeutral™ and let stand until dry.

Also use AutoNeutral™ in a carpet cleaner or steamer:

1.  Add AutoNeutral™ to the water reservoir.
2.  Shampoo all cloth or porous surfaces including the headliner.
3.  Vacuum all treated porous surfaces.
4.  Apply AutoNeutral with a trigger spray bottle and let stand until dry.

*Caution:  Keep out of reach of children. Eye contact causes irritation. In case of eye contact, flush gently with water for 15-20 minues. Contact a physician for treatment advice. Prolonged skin exposure may cause irritation. Do not reuse the AutoNeutral bottle for dispensing beverages or any other liquids. Spilling AutoNeutral™ causes surfaces to become slippery.  If spilled, absorb AutoNeutral™ until surface is dry.

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