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An environmentally
friendly product

“It’s not masking an odor, it’s actually getting rid of the smell.  And, we don’t have to worry about it staining.  I think AutoNeutral™ is an excellent product.”
                                                 Luke Eikler
                                                 State Line Auto Auction
                                                 Waverly, NY

“We have a toddler, who occasionally wets his bed.  Before it was just a big ordeal when he wet his bed, because I had to scrub the mattress with water and soap many times, and dry the mattress somehow.  Now, I just spray some Odor Eliminator and the Odor Eliminator takes out the smell just like that.

My husband loves the Odor Eliminator too!  Hawaii is humid almost all the time.  My husband sweats a lot, and his shirts stink.  Washing and drying the shirts gets rid of the smell temporarily.  Once he wears the shirt and sweats again, the smell intensified.  Using BioNeutral's odor eliminator, the odor on the shirt was eradicated.  So, it was like wearing a new shirt.”
                                                 Emily Lee
                                                 Honolulu, HI

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